Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good Times: Jaspects

Last night I had the pleasure to join my close friend, Brit, to a Jaspects performance. I heard her play their latest album, Polkadotted Stripes, in her car but I had no idea what their set would be like. I can say I have not seen anything like it in a positive way... I am so glad I went... music is extremely inspiring to me, especially when the artists are true and dedicated to their work. This is a video I found on youtube that shows an interview with the band members about the concept for the album and a bit of their performance.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Artscape Competition

I had the pleasure to be advanced to the second round of Baltimore's Artscape Sew Me What You Got competition. The dress I submitted had to be made from fabric purchased from White Marsh's Ikea store. This was my end product.
The beautiful model that brings so much life to my dress is Marianna Ross. She also modeled my dress at the Ikea store this past Saturday. The store hosted a fashion show featuring designs of the 15 finalists in the competition. I call this piece the "Going Green" dress.